Verde Mate Green – natural ingredients only!

Verde Mate Green – natural ingredients only!

Natural means tastier, healthier and more reliable! Unlike competing products, Verde Mate Green does not contain artificial flavors! Why is it so important? Read on and find out!

Verde Mate Green comes straight from the ecologically clean forests of the Brazilian Parana. The holly plants grow there in semi-wild conditions without any chemical stimulation, in full accordance with the natural vegetation cycle. As an effect, we get a natural product characterized by excellent taste and high stimulating potential.

Verde Mate Green – we focus on the highest production standards!

Over the years, the Verde Mate Green family has grown to over twenty flavor variations based on selected herbs and fruits. We are constantly improving our recipes to surprise with completely new, innovative products. Our dedication along with strict production standards and genuine passion for Latin American traditions, puts us in opposition to the questionable quality of mass products flooding the yerba mate market nowadays. Choosing Verde Mate Green, you reach for a product based on high-quality holly from the tropical forest and 100% natural ingredients. That’s right! Instead of artificial flavors, we choose only the natural ones, combining them with herbs and pieces of dried fruit. As a result, you get the highest quality yerba mate with pro-health properties, a high content of natural caffeine and a great, perfectly balanced taste.

Verde Mate Green – yerba mate without artificial flavors. Find out why it matters.

If you want to make successful consumer choices, it’s important to know how to read the information on the labels. As you know, many yerba mate brands contain additives in the form of flavors. Unfortunately, most often we are dealing with those that were created synthetically. According to legal regulations, it is enough to describe them in the ingredients section as a “flavor”. Although technically legal, it introduces understatements and in a way conceals important information. Luckily, each variation of Verde Mate Green contains only natural flavors, which is clearly emphasized on the labels. The seemingly illusory difference really does matter. It translates into the quality, taste and general perception of the product. It is worth being careful, because appearances can be deceiving. At the first contact, artificial aromas may tempt you with a pleasant scent. It’s tricky though! Low quality and incompetent selection of proportions are the most common sins of many competing brands. This results in a strong depletion of the values ​​of yerba mate itself and an unpleasant, chemical aftertaste of the brew. In extreme cases, it can also lead to ailments such as flatulence or abdominal pain. Fortunately, with Verde Mate Green we can forget about such unpleasant consequences. Each of the flavor variations is supervised by a group of specialists who make sure that our natural flavors match the nature of the product as closely as possible. It is important that they do not dominate the whole and go well with herbs and fruit. Your opinions show that we are doing well in implementing these assumptions. Although the use of natural flavors entails higher production costs for us, we do not intend to save on quality. It is thanks to this that our Verde Mate Green is exactly the yerba we dreamed of and which we most often reach for ourselves. It is a triumph of harmony and delicious taste with excellent stimulating potential and – most importantly – completely natural composition. We are glad you appreciate it too!