The power of news from Verde Mate Green

The power of news from Verde Mate Green

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news on our blog, and a lot has changed! What’s new from our small, craft green yerba mate factory?

Since our last post about what’s new in our offer, we’ve introduced lots of new flavours. We’ve already updated the tab with the Verde Mate Green yerba mate variations that you can purchase from the online shops we partner with. It’s hard to list all the news that have appeared since our last post, but we particularly recommend you try our latest juicy yerba variations, which are perfect as an icy tereré.

Juicy fruity news from Verde Mate Green

This air-dried, Brazilian green yerba mate is distinguished by its mild flavour and aroma. It is particularly recommended for mate beginners, as it does not have that pronounced bitterness typical of traditional yerba. Due to its mildness, it blends perfectly with fruity and herbal additives. To celebrate the ongoing summer, we have created three new juicy fruity compositions: Apple & Mint, Mango & Maracuya and Passionate Fruits. They work great as a warm infusion and even better as an icy tereré. Yummy!

“Alcoholic” yerba mate
Some time ago, an extremely interesting variation combining the taste of yerba mate and beer appeared in the Verde Mate Green offer – Verde Mate IPA. Now our “alcoholic” family of yerba mate flavours has expanded. To celebrate the holiday season, we have created two new compositions: Radler and Piña Colada. The first composition combines the taste of yerba mate, beer and lemonade. The second one is the result of inspiration from an exotic, pineapple and coconut drink. We also recommend pouring these blends with ice-cold water and adding ice cubes – perfect on a hot day!