About Verde Mate

About Verde Mate

Straight from brazilian jungle

Verde Mate was inspired by the natural richness of brazilian jungle. It’s a huge, diverse country that attracts with its unique folklore and remarkable environment. We visited Brazil multiple times. Each trip to the homeland of samba made us even more convinced that their erva mate deserves wider recognition. That’s why we decided to create a brand that would embody the character of the country it comes from. Now, we are proud to present the long awaited effect of our cooperation with a small local producer from the state of Parana. “Verde” means “green” in Portuguese. The lively grassy color of Verde Mate is one of the hallmarks of our brand. However, its name has a wider, somewhat metaphorical meaning. Green is, after all, a symbol of Brazil and it is not just about the color of the flag. As a place rich in lush flora, with millions of hectares of pristine forests, it has long been known as the “green lungs of the earth”. Verde Mate celebrates the uniqueness of this amazing country.

To tutaj dorasta Verde Mate. Sielanka!

Only the highest quality

We travelled hundreds of miles on dirt roads in the state of Parana looking for the right contractor. We wanted to find someone who believes in the same ideals as we do: respect for humans and nature, care for tradition and the highest quality of provided products. And we succeeded! We found a small family farm near Curitiba. Their ilex grows in semi-wild conditions shadowed by araucaria trees above them. Thanks to the smaller exposure to the sun, the leaves are juicy and full of life.  After harvesting they are put to a refrigeration room. It keeps them green and grassy-like. Although Brazilians love dusty mate known as chimarrao, Verde Mate is different. It contains carefully selected thickly cut leaves only. You’ll love it!

Zobaczcie, jak dorodne i soczyście zielone są liście ostrokrzewu uprawianego przez naszego brazylijskiego kontrahenta

The richness of natural flavour 

Huge variety of Verde Mate products is a result of Polish-Brazilian experience exchange. You’ll find classic ones well known on the South American market but also new and innovative blends. There’s despalada, blends containing guarana, citrus fruits, mint or functional ones like Silueta or Mas IQ. If you wanna try something completely new and original, there’s Frutos Del Bosque with fruits from European forests or, for example, La Potente, which, among typically tropical components contains a European accent in the form of rowan fruit. Also, Verde Mate Toasted cannot be omitted. Juicy green leaves are roasted, which makes them release a unique chocolate-like aroma. Altogether, there are 15 flavor variations – which one will be your favourite? You gotta try them all!

Gospodarstwo naszego kontrahenta jest domem także dla uroczych przedstawicieli fauny