Our last visit to Brazil has resulted in many innovations. One of them is the premiere of a completely new flavor – Verde Mate Green Toasted!

This time, we decided to subject the aromatic green leaves to the roasting process using special ovens – the same as those for coffee. Visually, the whole thing makes an amazing impression. After pouring, you get an aromatic infusion with a sweet, chocolate-like aftertaste. Someone once said that yerba mate is like wine, and discovering individual varieties can become a long-term occupation. Verde Mate Green Toasted proves the rich heritage of South American mate tea. It is difficult to compare it with any other product on the market. You haven’t tried anything like this yet!

Verde Mate Toasted will reveal a completely new character if you brew it  with… milk! The end result is a warming drink similar to cocoa or hot chocolate. Despite so many elements that distinguish it from the classic Verde Mate, at least one element has remained the same: the caffeine content and the resulting arousal effect, which has remained consistently strong!

Don’t hesitate! Try Verde Mate Toasted!